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Training & Development

You’re the expert on your community but sometimes you need a little capacity building. We give you the tools and training needed to manage your local economic development planning and branding campaigns when you need a little extra oomph but don't have the budget to fully outsource.


Place Branding & FDI

Your brand narrative is inevitably linked to your economic development goals. If it’s not, we should talk. Effective place brands, and their supporting campaigns, define a location to set it apart in global competition for trade, talent, and tourism.


Advocacy & Engagement

We help you speak with a clear diplomatic voice that can’t be ignored. Our communications strategies are designed to inform and engage community and political stakeholders on the investments, developments, and policy needed to support economic prosperity.

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Build Strong Cities

The Company

Build Strong Cities is an economic development agency that works to plan and position a community for prosperity. We believe that people are the purpose of economic development and that local economic and community development are fundamental to prosperity.

We work with a team of creative rule-breakers who push the boundaries of city building so we can build better communities.

Kadie Ward

The Founder

Kadie Ward is an award-winning multimedia producer and economic developer who works to enhance economic prosperity in the communities she serves. Having worked in North America, Eastern Europe, and the Caribbean, Ward creates and activates international campaigns aimed at attracting foreign direct investment and talent.

Passionate about local economic development, Ward introduces new ways of thinking about how to build strong cities and communicate their value to local and global audiences.

Free Updates

Travelling and working with clients in North America, Europe, Asia, and the Caribbean, I share what’s going on internationally in economic and community development, diplomacy, and FDI campaigns.

I only share this content via email and promise it will short, inspiring, and out of the ordinary.

Phone: (519) 701-9952
Website: www.buildstrongcities.com
London, Canada