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ImKadieI am Kadie Ward. Founder. Economic Developer. Trailblazer. Rule breaker.

In 2012 I created BSC to empower communities, local governments and economic developers alike to effect sustainable growth. My award-winning multi-media campaigns and community development programs prove that traditional rules to economic development were meant to be broken.

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Here at BSC we LOVE to work with people who are passionate about the future of their community, city or country. We help plan and promote long-term sustainable growth that supports communities, leaving a positive legacy for future generations to enjoy.

We believe that community and economic development is crucial to create value, elevate potential, lift people out of poverty, and create prosperity.

BSC provides customized community economic development, marketing and branding strategies specifically designed to attract foreign direct investment, tourism and workforce development. These are important factors to successful economic development.

We exist to support this.

At the age of 22, while studying at university, I was cutting my political & economic teeth on Canada’s federal economic policies at the local Chamber of Commerce.

I spent 12 years employed at various levels of government working on local and international economic development.

Long enough to feel stymied and frustrated with notoriously slow bureaucratic processes bogging down brilliant economic development plans.

Politics went before people and prosperity.

Enough was enough.

Time to change the game.

Since 2012 BSC has worked with over 45 cities, from 12 countries around the world.


We facilitate market research to truly understand the community we are working in. The research gives insight into the community’s culture, economy, politics and history. This provides a platform to investigate and develop the community’s strengths and improve its weaknesses.

From here BSC is able to create a community development strategy or marketing and branding campaign specifically designed to promote economic development and provide a sustained, improved standard of living for its citizens.

Every project we take on is infused with clarity, compassion, and creativity.

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No two communities are the same. Neither are our products.

Each of our products and services can be custom designed to ensure you are positioned for optimum economic development success.

We even have a workshop designed to help you engage with politicians! Check it out here.

As economic and community developers, you have the awe inspiring responsibility of planning prosperity for future generations around the world. What an honour.

BSC exists to support you with this vital work.

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