Belize: Regenerating the urban Caribbean

Even in the most idyllic of setting effective community economic development requires sustainable planning.

Belize City had a vision to restore BTL Park as part of its urban regeneration program.  The City invested in this waterfront park to support community economic development and grow tourism in Belize City.

BTL Park is rich with political, economic, and cultural history.  It’s famously known for opening the Caribbean to the world.  On December 30th, 1927 Colonel Charles Lindberg successfully landed the first aircraft in the Caribbean there.  Building on its history of innovation, City Council went on to construct 23 vendor kiosks as a way to support micro and small enterprises in the city.  This converted underutilized public space into a recreation and retail destination.

The restoration of BTL Park was first of its kind in Belize.  Still in its infancy, there was no framework in place to manage and promote the park, and there was no plan for sustainable revenue generation.  BSC worked with Belize City Council to develop a Business Plan, Operations Manual, and Marketing Plan for BTL Park that would ensure sustainable revenue generation, smooth management, and successful promotion.  We also shared our Place Branding Campaigns – Easy Launch as a tool to help long-term planning.

Since opening, the park has supported 23 micro businesses to create 48 additional jobs.  It has also become a vibrant destination with regular patronage and programming.


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