Canada: Literally getting on board

How do you get your message across an entire nation? Engaging citizens and municipal stakeholders in a seemingly mundane yet crucial conversation?

Simple. Infrastructure.  The kind on tracks.  A back bone of the nation.

BSC’s goal?  To educate citizens and municipal leaders on the importance of infrastructure to the economy, and to advocate for government investment.

How were we going to achieve it? With a national campaign.

The BSC team decided to train the full breadth of Canada from east to west.  As we rode across this vast country we researched the role that transit and transportation infrastructure played in building and supporting the Canadian economy.

We realised too, how vital the role of digital infrastructure is in supporting smart, connected, and sustainable municipal growth.  28 regional partners and a handful of corporate sponsors from across the country worked with BSC to produce 9 videos, 25 blogs, and hundreds of tweets and photos.  Using both traditional and social media, more than 3 million Canadians engaged with the campaign. Learning a thing or two about the importance investing in infrastructure.

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