Economic Development Resources

What’s the resale value of your city?

The spring real-estate market is heating up across North America. Having recently sold my house, I remember the frantic renovation and staging process. And the awkward conversations with my real-estate agent. What do you mean redo the floors? There’s a buyer who wants original 1860s hardwood – … [Read More...]

What 60,820kms taught me about economic development

It's been about two years and 60,820kms since I founded Build Strong Cities Corp. Over the past two years I've worked in North America, Eastern Europe, The Caribbean, and Vietnam. The experiences have been remarkable and revealing, so I want to share with you the top 3 things I've learned in … [Read More...]

It’s better to beg forgiveness

You know the old adage “It’s better to beg forgiveness than to ask permission”? It’s practically my mantra. Good. Well, get ready for trouble.  For those of you working in large government institutions - your manager doesn’t want you to read what follows. I worked with government nearly 12 years … [Read More...]

4 Steps to becoming an Economic Developer

A bit about me……A lot of people, especially young women, ask me how I got into international economic development. I didn’t take the conventional path. I majored on philosophy in my undergrad, and did my Master’s in Media Studies. Importantly however, while I studied I volunteered on community and … [Read More...]