Kryvyi Rih: City of steel – its own kryptonite

Kryvyi Rih. Ukraine. A highly industrialized city with one of the largest steel and iron-ore mining and refinement centres in Eastern Europe.

Its reputation as a dirty mining town did nothing to foster local economic growth or attract investments.  Small start-ups left to grow somewhere else.  The very resource that sustained the city – iron ore – was also stifling its growth and potential, bringing the city to an economic halt.

BSC had a reputation to clean up and a community to engage. It was time to restore public pride and get a city to shine.

Kryvyi Rih needed to change public opinion and redefine its image.  City leaders were quick to realise it was an inside job first and were proactive in engaging the community before seeking a global audience.

BSC conducted a series of Place Branding – Marketing Intensive Workshops and provided ongoing mentorship to empower and educate local government and residents about the value of their city and get them engaged in community development.  BSC looked beyond the ore dust and found opportunities for economic stimulus.

We successfully launched the “Life-long City” campaign highlighting the shining opportunities the city provided through all stages of living.  The campaign and subsequent marketing plan was created to promote the city to potential investors in an effort to stimulate the local economy and encourage development.

The implementation of the marketing plan helped restore public confidence and pride stimulating local economic growth.

Since this time Kryvyi Rih has landed its first international industrial investment.

This is what economic development is all about.

Highlighting potential and empowering people.

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