Point Fortin: Making the most of your assets

Clifton Hill Beach in Point Fortin, Trinidad, was a historic community asset lost to coastal erosion.   A donation of private lands to city hall gave Point Fortin Council the opportunity to restore the beachfront.  But they wanted to do more than that.  They had a vision to redevelop the space and improve facilities for their community, generate income, and attract tourists.  Let’s be honest, beach front property in the Caribbean? Who wouldn’t want to a piece of that?

They had a few challenges.  The first was to educate citizens on the value of redevelopment.  Many wanted to keep the beachfront the way it was.  The second challenge was to position their city as a destination for national tourism having been more widely known across their country for its oil and gas industries.

Working directly with the Mayor and CAO, BSC shared our Place Branding Campaigns – Easy Launch. We used our favourite tool the Messaging Matrix to develop an internal and external marketing plan.  One plan was directed at educating and engaging citizens on the value of the redevelopment for the long-term sustainability of the community.  The second plan was directed nationally.  Its aim was to reposition Point Fortin as a tourist destination for Trinidadians.

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