Vietnam: From peasant economy to prosperity

How do socialist-oriented municipal governments participate in a global democratic market economy to bring prosperity to their nation?

A mouthful right? But a very good questions posed to BSC.

The Association of Vietnamese Cities and the Municipal Partners for Economic Development Program in Asia, invited me to keynote their Annual General Meeting and host a two-day workshop on the foundations of marketing for local economic development.

At this address 250 municipal leaders were educated on the fundaments of local economic development.  The follow-up two-day workshop engaged municipal leaders from five of the country’s fastest growing local economies to learn more detailed strategies to support local growth.

What was the result?  Through creation of its Doi Moi policies, Vietnam effectively opened up its markets and transformed a stagnant peasant economy into a vibrant market-driven system.  Our Place Branding – Marketing Intensive Workshop helped municipal leaders better understand how their cities’ could participate in global economic opportunities.

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