Community Economic Development Consulting

Let’s face it, nations are relatively young in the grand scheme of things.

Ancient civilizations began cultivating the land, forming the first settlements and blazing a trail in community economic development.  Through perseverance, self-reliance and a connection to their community, cities have survived thousands of years of development.

To build a sustainable and prosperous future for the next generation, cities must reclaim their economic strength and plan for prosperity through strategic Community Economic Development (CED).

Whether you are new to economic development or a seasoned professional, Build Strong Cities challenges you to deliver at your highest level.  We work with community economic development leaders who want greater impact.

Our consulting programs are designed to turn your planning into programs that fuel prosperity for community development.

Our approach to consulting builds upon your local strengths so you can create something genuine and sustainable for your community.

To plan specific and effective local economic development programs BSC consults with:

  • Neighbourhood associations
  • Business improvement areas
  • Municipal, regional, provincial and national governments.

Broadly, our consulting services fall into three categories:

Economic Development

  • Creating community profiles and asset inventory
  • Target market identification and profiles
  • Local and regional economic development strategies
  • Neighbourhood revitalisation and redevelopment strategies including operation and business plans.

Place Branding Discovery and Campaigns

  • Internal and external market research & communications audit
  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Articulating the place brand; creative brand development including word mark, positioning statement and messaging matrix
  • Place branding campaigns; campaign architecture, media planning and creating collateral.

Foreign Direct Investment

  • Investment readiness assessments
  • Asset inventory (including workforce) and community profile
  • Identifying and profiling target markets
  • Investment attraction marketing plans, campaigns, and collateral.

BSC is celebrated for our divergent approach to economic revitalization and marketing.

We’re passionate about working with people who care about the future of communities, cities, and countries. Our consultation process helps you plan and promote long-term sustainable growth so you can inspire your community and leave a legacy.

If you are ready to deliver at your highest level and increase your economic development impact, we’re here to support you.

Contact us to chat about your community economic development